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The delights of sharing Rome with Children

Roma - bambini al museo

Rome is one of the most exciting cities in the world. As a centre for art, history, fashion, cuisine, wine and architecture, one may have the impression that its offerings can only be enjoyed by adults, and that kids may prefer simply to stay in comfort of their design hotel. Rome, however, despite its sophistication, is a wonderful city for families and has many offerings for kids as well as adults. Listed below are some child-friendly activities that families can enjoy together.

Explore history

Of course, what better way to introduce kids to the history of the city than a visit to the children's museum? Explora il Museo dei Bambini di Roma's English-speaking guides are helpful and pleasant and know just how to make history come alive for children 12 years and under. The museum is built to resemble a small child-sized town with four distinct sections - I, Society, Environment, and Communication - with interactive exhibits. The museum also features an outdoor playground so it feels more like a fun outing than a boring museum visit. You can continue the cleverly disguised history lessons on the walk back to your design hotel. Rome is such a historic city that, even on a simple walk, you'll encounter ages-old buildings that serve as historic monuments.

Eat junk' food, Italian style

Ask any child (or adult!) their favourite food and chances are they'll mention either pizza or ice cream. Expand youthful culinary experiences by enjoying authentic pizza and gelato. The city is chock-full of pizzerias and gelaterias but, even here, not all are created equal. For true artisanal gelato, head over to Gelateria I Caruso. This gelateria makes their gelato on site (you can even watch them making it) from fresh ingredients"even their whipped cream is freshly made daily. For pizza, many swear that the pizza at Sforno is the best in the city. If you're up for a bit of a foodie adventure, take your kids to various trattorias or food stalls and sample various finger foods - such as
Arancini, the fried rice balls stuffed with meat, cheese and all sorts of goodies that kids love. Buy some different variants with unusual sauces and eat them there or back at your design hotel. Rome has so many culinary treasures children will be sure to find a brand new favourite every day!

Gladiator for a day

Kids (especially little boys) love playing soldiers, and playing gladiators' is a popular variation of the game. Children will be in awe of the real life Colosseum and they can learn much about the history of this historic sport - right where it really happened. If you have the time, consider signing up your children for 'gladiator school', which features interactive demonstrations that involve donning gladiator gear, training', and mock battles. Don't worry; the swords are foam so your children are perfectly safe. If you just don't have the time but would like a cool photo souvenir, you and the kids can pose with costumed gladiators' before heading back to your design hotel. Rome has history oozing from every street corner and children will be fascinated by the city's real life historical playground.

Why should you choose a guest house instead of a hotel for your stay in Rome?

Why should you choose a guest house instead of a hotel for your stay in Rome?

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Take this centuries old advice and live in a Roman guest house, with friendly Italian hosts, and see what Rome is really like.

Staying in a guest house gives the best value for your money. Hotels are not only cold and impersonal; they're expensive. Staying in a house is far more economical, leaving you more money to enjoy your trip to Rome.

Hotels are often lumped together in tourist areas. A guest house is in a real Italian neighborhood, surrounded by real Italian people, not foreign students on a work-study program.

A guest house is more comfortable than a youth hostel, and better furnished with all the 21st century technological devices you take for granted.

The food is better. Some guest houses offer meals, some don't. The ones that offer meals give you a taste of authentic Roman cooking and Roman hospitality. The ones that don't offer meals as part of your stay can refer you to the restaurants where the locals eat, instead of an overpriced tourist trap restaurant.

Our guest house offers a warm welcome and promises a relaxing stay. We are located between the ancient and modern sections of Rome, among the famous Seven Hills. We are walking distance from St. Peter's Cathedral. Our apartments are comfortably spacious and equipped with every technological device which a business traveler might need. We provide a conveniently located base of operations for your vacation. We are close to public transportation, which makes sightseeing easier and less expensive.

Stay with us and visit the glorious Colosseum, the beautiful churches, the awe-inspiring works of art in Rome's many museums. There are many tours of the great Eternal City. Whether you wish to take a tour bus, a walking tour, or even a Segway tour, we can answer your questions and help you arrange it. From the gardens of the Villa Borghese to the ancient Pantheon to the great artwork of the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (the National Roman Museum), there's far more to see and do in Rome than you could manage in a dozen vacations. We know and love Rome; we would be happy to suggest which tourist attractions and historic sites would interest you most, and advise you how to get there. And when you are done sightseeing, we offer a comfortable home-away-from-home where you can relax.

Come to Rome and be our guest.

5 reasons to choose Atmosphere guest house for your stay in Rome

5 reasons to choose Atmosphere guest house for your stay in Rome

Ancient Rome is made up of magnificent structures and buildings that make it adorable to watch. Thousands of people come for holidays, business trips and others for field work study. Are you looking for a guest house with a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere? Then you have found a place you can call home. Our apartments are situated between ancient and modern Rome. They are amid the seven hills that made great the eternal city.

Why choose our Guest House for your stay in Rome?

1. Our apartments are close to the most interesting tourist sites - Rome has great and advanced tourist sites. Our apartments are located near all this sites. This is convenient especially if you would want to save time. In case you forget something in your room, it won’t be hard to go back and get it. You would not be required to travel long distances hence saving money. The close proximity of the tourist sites make visiting Rome more convenient.

2. Availability of transport - The apartments are located in a place well served by public transport. Even if you do not have your own personal car, transport is available using the public means. You can access it any time with ease. If your goal is to go to the magnificent city, transport is readily available. You can never be late due to lack of transport. The taxis and public vehicles are always ready to help you reach to your destination.

3. Welcoming and relaxing atmosphere - Our apartments are spacious and comfortable. With a big environment, the atmosphere is relaxing as there is no overcrowding. The servants are very much welcoming. They make you feel at home and are ready to assist you in case of any mishap.

4. The price is pocket friendly - We always charge our services at a very comfortable price. We make sure what we offer correlates with your money. Our apartments are comfortable fixed with technological devices. We have best value for your money.

5. We take our guests needs with seriousness it deserves - We are here to make sure our guests are comfortable. We treat them with kind and helpful heart. We are always ready to go an extra mile in order to make every guest satisfied. Our guest’s needs are our priority.

Our apartments are aimed at providing a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Your stay at Rome can never be disturbing; we have made sure we provide everything our guests need. This is to make everyone experience the relaxing atmosphere.

Kindness and Helpfulness With Our Guests' Needs

Kindness and Helpfulness With Our Guests' Needs

One of, if not the most important aspect of choosing a guest house over a large chain hotel for your lodging needs when traveling is the personalized service you will receive. We know this and we take great pride in knowing what our guests' needs are and tailor each guest's experience to not only meet, but exceed their needs. We strive to anticipate what our guests may need so they do not have to ask. In the event that an unanticipated need does arise, we respond to it immediately and with a courteous smile.

Our staff are kind and helpful and will go out of their way to ensure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable. If it is adventure you seek, we will assist you with tour schedules and we are always available to recommend the finest local attractions and eateries. We can also secure reservations for any of these activities. If you are here on business, we can arrange for transportation to and from your meetings as well as any business luncheons and dinners, securing reservations for these as well. We make it a point to ensure our guests are comfortable knowing their surroundings, directions to their destinations and important emergency phrases in the Italian language. Our staff genuinely cares for each and every one of the people who choose to stay with us. 

Our goal is to make your stay as welcoming as possible. You can expect to see smiles and hear laughter from staff members because they enjoy helping you. You will not ever feel as if you are imposing. Our staff is always warm and inviting and will make you feel at home throughout your entire visit. Our apartments are very spacious and designed with comfort in mind. They are equipped with every technological device you need and our staff is on hand to assist you should you have any questions on how to use the devices.

We welcome families, couples, newlyweds, groups, individuals, business persons, anyone traveling to the Eternal City. At a large chain hotel you are one of hundreds, maybe thousands of guests. With us, you are like part of the family. We are very committed to making your stay in Rome as pleasurable as it can possibly be. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, it matters not. Come and stay at our house, where we do not just meet your needs, we exceed them.

Good Accommodation for Your Family in Rome

Good Accommodation for Your Family in Rome

Rome is one of the ultimate destinations any sophisticated traveller will relish visiting. The city is associated with religious beliefs and is also among the most ancient of all existing cities. The Roman Emperor is still well known and documented in history books. However, history and religious attributes are not Rome’s only attraction. The Italian cultures, spectacular architecture, elegant structures and monuments, cuisine and food, excellent accommodation, picturesque landscape and enthusiast activities are all for everyone’s pleasure. Nonetheless, attraction choice is the least of concerns when visiting this renowned destination. It is important to find good accommodation for your family in Rome in order to enjoy the vacation. After accommodation, issues of transportation, food, interest activities and sight-seeing will easily fall into place.

Options to consider
When planning to spend a vacation in Rome, there are a number of considerations to make. Rome is a destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and masses flood the area on any day. In order to secure best accommodations that will allow convenient site visiting and other enjoyment plans, making early arrangements will be necessary. This does not mean securing accommodation should be daunting. As a tourist hotspot, the city is characterized by numerous accommodation places and plans to ensure visitors find comfortable rooms and services during their stay. There are travel packagers who plan comprehensive vacation experiences including accommodation and transportation. You can choose one of existing packages or develop a new one with their assistance. This is convenient for families that include large numbers and/or children. However, some people, especially enthusiast groups prefer spontaneous arrangements. There are several ways to book instant accommodation for those who are already in the city. The easiest way to do this is through official websites of agencies that link travellers to accommodation places. You can compare different options, their services and rates by simply looking through customer opinions, testimonials, comments and review sites. Early booking before actual visitation is the best option if you seek good accommodation for your family in Rome.

The secret is to plan in advance
It is important to know the exact experience you want for the vacation before embarking on the trip. This will help in narrowing down to the options that meet all needs and specifications. Not all cabins, hotel suites, homestead spaces and apartments offer the same level of standards. Families require bigger rooms, more space and increased utility supplies. Ensure you do a homework research about things you are likely to find in Rome at affordable prices to avoid carrying too many supplies. The location should be easily accessible and near most of the attraction sites intended to be visited while on vacation. This will maximize the experience by reducing time spent transporting from one site to another. Compare different options and choose one that is affordable, flexible and reliable.

A quick travel guide to Rome

A quick travel guide to Rome

Rome is a wonderful destination which has been attracting visitors for its rich cultural traditions and amazing historical monuments. In the rankings of Condé Nast Traveler's 2004 Reader's Choice Awards, Rome acquired the coveted 2nd place on the list of leading 10 European cities.

Here is some quick and useful information about visiting the city and the important things to see there. You must possess a legitimate passport to get into Italy although there is no need for a visa if the duration of the stay is fewer than 90 days. Because the summers are scorching and dry, you must pay a visit to Rome between October and March. Book a resort which is near to the historic district. 

Plan the schedule well ahead of time, particularly the locations you definitely wish to visit. The best method of discovering Rome's traditions is on foot because it provides you with the flexibility of covering the destinations at your own pace. The other alternative, to save cost is to make use of the Tram Bus system that links the city as well as the neighboring areas. In case you are looking for comfort, you can always go for a private tour. Be sure you have taken a pair of cozy footwear. Carry minimal weight while exploring the city. The city has a lot of eating joints around the places of interest so that you can appease your food cravings any time you want.

The city is stuffed with sightseeing opportunities and it is a real challenging task to determine, which of these are a must see. Your local sightseeing program for a particular day can look like this. Begin with the Coliseum which is a well-known tourist attraction. Because the visiting hours change through the year, ensure that you verify the timings in advance. To make this amazing experience much more realistic, they have got an hourly conducted tour.

The next stop, The Pantheon, was constructed around 125 AD and is among the best-preserved structures in Rome. Built by Emperor Hadrian, a lot of renowned personalities such as Umberto I and Vittorio Emmanuel II, who were the kings of Italy, are buried right here. It will take you back in time to the magnificent period of the Roman Empire and you simply cannot stop visualizing being part of the Romans, as it existed at that time.

By the end of the day, there is another spot to see that simply cannot be skipped. It is possible to easily spend 3 hours visiting The Vatican and the huge collection of artifacts that explain the Catholic Church's historical past. In case you have time, you might want to allow Michelangelo's Pieta, situated in St Peter's Basilica, impress you. The Vatican museum possesses even more marvelous antiques, which include the Egyptian mummies. You must not miss the Sistine Chapel which has The Bible painted on the ceiling by the renowned Michelangelo himself.

Rome is waiting around to take you back through history to the time of Emperors and Gladiators. Appreciate enjoying and discovering the elegance, tradition, and history of the eternal city during your future vacation.

Tips for Choosing a Good Guesthouse in Rome

Tips for Choosing a Good Guesthouse in Rome

Are you looking for a guesthouse in Rome? For you to get the most amazing experience, you may want to stay as close as possible to the city center. A location within or close to the central business district will give you complete asses to areas of interest. For example, you will find it easy to use public transport to various tourist sites. Consider the following tips on how to choose a good guesthouse in Rome.

First, you need to know your itinerary well in advance. For example, the schedule may be tight such that you only have 1 or 2 days to experience Rome. On the other hand, you may have as much as a month to savor the beauty of the Italian culture. A guidebook is usually very helpful when it comes to such arrangements. You need to choose the guesthouse according to your itinerary.

With the suggested itinerary in hand, it is now the perfect time to visit booking websites and research a Roman guesthouse. The best websites list various guesthouses and give the distance from the city center to the guesthouse. The websites should also tell you how far the tourist sites are from the guesthouse. The guesthouse should not be too far from the St Peter, Pantheon, Centrale Montemartin, Colosseum, and other sites that are popular with visitors.

Once you have created a list of about ten guesthouses, visit a website that offers more information, that allow users to narrow their searches. Such sites give clear information about guesthouse packages, transportation offers, and flight fees. You may want to choose websites that give discounts.

Roman guesthouse offer varying concierge services. For example, some will only restrict their services while others can offer to drive you to the various sites around Rome. Since navigating the city may be confusing, choose a guesthouse that offers full or comprehensive concierge services.

In order to reserve a prepaid room, choose discount websites. This way you can have full control of your expenses as you tour Rome. You will only use your credit card at the guest room if you need to cover incidental costs.

The last step on how to choose a good guesthouse in Rome is to choose the booking dates. Alongside this, give your credit card information and wait for a confirmation through email.

The type of guesthouse you choose can affect your experience in Rome. Use the tips for choosing a good guesthouse in Rome as given here for an unforgettable stay.

How to Organize Your Trip to Rome

How to Organize Your Trip to Rome

While a lot of people are good at planning for a trip right to the details, there are chances that without the right information, there are chances that beyond getting your passport and Visa you might make some disastrous mistakes especially when you are planning for a trip to Rome. However, if you want to have a pleasant and stress free trip to Rome, you may want to keep reading this guide on how to organize your trip to Rome.

Travel plans and what to bring. 

This is especially important if you are travelling on a budget. You have to make sure that you know which flight plans will allow you to pay the least and still get considerable and comfortable services. Among the things that you should bring are your Student ID card if you are a student. This can earn you a great amount of discounts to some of the greatest sights. 

Where will you visit?

A lot of people look at the Romapass as a way of saving sufficiently on the trip. However, you have to consider the places that you would like to see and be sure that they are included in the pass. If not, you have to ask yourself if the discounts and the privilege of skipping lines will be worth you missing your desired sights. Another reason as to why you should consider where you will be visiting is because some of the best places are closed on Sundays and hence you have to make sure that you plan ahead to avoid inconveniences. Some of the nice places that are closed on Sundays and some public holidays include the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael rooms among other Vatican Museums

Accommodation and eateries.

Knowing where you will be spending your nights is very important and more so if you know what to expect. This is the same case with the restaurants that might be around. You have to make sure that you do your homework properly but whatever you do, it might be advisable not to use Tripadvisor especially for the restaurants since it can be easily manipulated by the business owners. You should also make sure that your accommodation point is at the center of the sites that you would like to see. This way you cut back on the amount of money you use on transportation as well as time. 

Time of visit. 

Summer is a great place to make a visit to Rome but do not forget that it is also everybody else’s best time to visit. During this time the lines at different monumental sites are longer, the hotels are more expensive and the place is generally more crowded. As such you may want to plan your trip during another season but make sure that this is not in August because during this time, the Romans celebrate Ferragosto and because of this most of the best restaurants and shops are closed.

With these guidelines you should be able to organize your trip to Rome in a much more comfortable and calm way and this way you will make sure that your experience lives up to the expectations.